Burger Bar

Central London


One of a series of restaurants undertaken for this casual dining brand all over the country, this Central London site gets to the essence of the client brief, to create a cool burger bar on the high street.

The building is part of a formal stone fronted Georgian terrace and our story speaks of reoccupying this shell with rich, textural aesthetic.

From the owners

“MorenoMasey have done an excellent job as usual on the design of our Berners St restaurant, Oxford Street. They have cleverly mixed old and new with incredible attention to detail making this a really cool Burger Bar!”

We created a palette of furniture, materials and details to carve up the long, narrow space into a series of individual, special places. The narrow selection of materials keeps the restaurant feeling whole, with subtle variation making each dining experience distinct and unique.

Our insight

Here we presented and re-presented simple materials and cut then, framed them and spliced them with other special materials to create patterns and details.

The play between materials elevates each element to create something new from something old.

Lighting becomes an integral part of any architectural space, not only as a series of decorative objects in space, but also to accentuate textures and details. Special moments are marked out; whether calling out of the building as glowing objects framed in a window or anchoring an intimate dining experience within a larger volume.