Apartment Building



The partial demolition, extension and complete redevelopment of a substantial building in the heart of the Strand Conservation Area to create twenty new apartments including two penthouse duplexes. Technically detailed and driven by finished quality, this project was fast paced and demanding.

This was one of our many collaborations with trusted contractors as Executive Architects, taking a set of drawings at an early stage and working through the physical constraints of the site to deliver the client’s vision. These projects are about how buildings are actually put together.

From the owners

“Collaborating with such an excellent team of contractors and designers was such a thrill. This fast paced and challenging project helped us to develop, as designers, through intricate detailing and strategic development across the scheme. It demonstrated the bigger picture of how architects should design… not only for the end user, but also for the contractor and that the best results come through working together.”

Finding efficiencies in procurement and detailing is a skill set we too often leave to the contractor. Our experience from partnering with contractors is that understanding these efficiencies can generate better buildings.  Designing out waste – in materials, in time or in labour, is a critical part of the architectural process.

Our insight

Following our project in Trafalgar Square, the contractor approached us to work as their architect to deliver this site.

Our strength as a company has evolved from collaborations with people who know more than we do and then leading the team through the design and delivery process.