The Way We Work


We are a collaborative studio and we see our role in the design team as curators of the client’s vision. Every project presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges. We make sure that these are extracted, and distilled to inform the design, each one tested against the client’s parameters and our own experiences to deliver the right scheme.

We have been careful in our work not to design a finished object and then fill it with rooms that lack coherence or clarity. Rather, we design from the inside out, taking the fragments of life within our buildings and assembling them to design spaces that work effortlessly and fit together seamlessly. From these simple, functional spaces we derive an honest and elegant aesthetic.

Rod's insight

During my time in practice I have developed an intuitive understanding of the spaces we use – how they work, how they fit together and ultimately how we occupy them. We bring together each critical component, both technical and aesthetic to assemble the finished form. To create something unique is both the greatest challenge and the greatest reward.

We have an open, practical approach to the design process. We work simultaneously at various scales to resolve conceptual ideas, we test spaces against the details that inhabit them and the impact these same details have on the volumes or surfaces that they generate. It is in the interfaces between elements at each scale of the project that our work is defined.