A Decorated Shed

Richmond Upon Thames


MorenoMasey was set the brief to create an adaptable construction of a typical shed in the garden of a Victorian terrace house in London for Creative Director, Rodrigo Moreno Masey.

A flexible, multifunctional space for all the family to use and adapt during different seasons and phases of life.

Rodrigo Moreno Masey:

“Everything in what I call my ‘decorative shed’ is functional, but it doesn’t have a specific function – it’s an office, a study, a gym, a conference space, a TV room, a playroom, a library, a bar or a shelter.”

A simple and beautiful aesthetic was key. Viewed from the house, the shed sits square at the end of the garden and frames the outside space visually.

Reclaimed English oak cladding, inspired by rural Austrian barns, was laid with dark gaps to create a stark, geometric pattern whilst the textures offer a soft and tactile connection with nature.


The removal of guttering eliminates any sense of domesticity and the building becomes a pure form. The roof and walls are treated identically and the inclusion of an electric roller garage style door allows the inside and outside spaces to merge seamlessly.

Rodrigo Moreno Masey:

“I wanted to reinvent the classic agricultural building, making it more contemporary and clean.”