Thai Cafe



Working with the owner of this growing restaurant brand, we were asked to re-invigorate the architectural style of the restaurant space. The brief was to create an informal dining room, combining an honest response to the new location for a strong, distinctive brand, still discovering its physical form.

Our approach was to re-appropriate the material palette used in previous versions of the restaurant and combine them in new ways. The cutting, re-framing and re-presenting of familiar materials is used to surprise and delight, without moving too far outside of an established, visual brand.

The plan is a sequence of dining spaces of increasing formality, evolving through a series of decorative screens to break up the larger volume into beautiful, special places. These become individual, desirable and intimate moments within a bustling restaurant.

Our insight

The client was very keen to fit in well with the local community and avoid appearing as an ‘alien’ chain landing in an established urban village.

We worked hard to contextualise the new design into the local landscape, taking a contemporary twist on an historical shopfront. This gave the design a sense of permanence and timelessness.

From the owners

“I have worked with MorenoMasey on several projects and have been impressed each time. Rod and his team have great processes to ensure excellent communication flows between their team, the various contractors and me and my colleagues. As a firm they are particularly good at dealing with more technical and mentally challenging projects. On top of this skill set is a fantastic design aesthetic.”