Restaurant in Railway Arch



This project involved the occupation of a very long, dark railway arch under Vauxhall station to create a unique restaurant space for a well-known restaurant brand. The brief is simple; create a beautiful restaurant but make sure that, even without branding, the space and interior is inherently on brand.

We have been lucky to work with Nando’s for many years and are trusted to deliver exceptional restaurants that operate well and push the boundaries of the brand. With each iteration, we re-invent the aesthetic so that no two sites are the same and each is a vibrant re-interpretation of a strong brand heritage.

A pure parabolic arch was formed and clad in an undulating sea of rich and textural, reclaimed timber shingles. These conceal all lighting and services to create a simple unadulterated form. Within this form we placed a series of bright glowing objects each coloured or detailed to define a separate function.

Our insight

Very rarely does a space present itself where a pure, singular concept is either appropriate or possible.

Here it was rather joyful to be able to see a single idea through to its logical conclusion. The final space is torn between purity and richness, between austere and playful. I still find it enchanting.

From the owners

“Designing with MorenoMasey is a partnership, they take the time to fully appreciate your values, needs and importantly for us, brand. They are of course innovative and creative, but they listen and ask all the right questions to truly embrace the project at hand. They do a beautiful job of blending your practical requirements and their architectural skill to deliver award winning spaces.”