Branded Office Space



Here we worked with one of our existing commercial clients to create bespoke office spaces to capture the essence of their brand within the working environment of various departments and senior team. Within existing spaces, the brief was to functionally and aesthetically reinvent each office from scratch.

One of the biggest challenges in bespoke office design is encapsulating the needs of specific people to deliver the best possible working environment without allowing the design to be watered down or compromised beyond recognition. Key to this process was a strong organisational approach and a clear focus on the final vision.

From the owners

“We have had the pleasure of working with Rod and his team for eight years….Their teams are not only very capable, but bring passion, energy and a hardworking ethic to our schemes and importantly site meetings. They are not just an external resource for us, we consider them part of our Nando’s family.”

Over lunch in a cafe in Lisbon, we set to cracking a simple plan puzzle for our client. On a napkin we drew out the various arrangements that might suit the space to accommodate their needs. This almost never happens in the real world, but I am invigorated by the idea that successful buildings are a series of simple puzzles, elegantly solved.

Our insight

Our client has very strong ties with South Africa and supports artists and artisans in the community.

The final scheme therefore is a coming together of contemporary design and spatial brand identity as well as art, fabrics and furniture born straight out of Cape Town. The results are rooted in the brand, neither fake nor apologetic.