From Drawings to Buildings

A Journey

At any given point, we have projects in progress moving through the office: at early design stages, in planning, through technical development and in construction. Each project is a sum of these parts carefully balanced to deliver the final product. So often we forget the journey as we wander through the finished space, but each project is a result of that journey.

Projects move through the phases of delivery at very different timescales, some driven by time, some by cost, all ultimately controlled by achieving the best possible architecture and working through what that means both before construction and on site. A view of the work we do would not be complete without insight into what we are doing right now.

Rod's insight

To me the practice should be as much experimental laboratory as it is a precision machine. The rapid prototyping we see in our fast commercial work informs the outer envelope of our architecture in larger projects. The parameters are so different that lessons learned in one can feed the other beautifully.

Pulling together the numerous strands of a project as a continuous workflow is a constant challenge and process of perpetual feedback both within the practice and through the whole team. By creating systems and mechanisms to catalogue our experience in real time, we can learn from our mistakes and build on our achievements.