November 2021

Designing for a Sustainable Future: Our 2021 Survey

This week the UK hosts the 26th UN Climate Change Conference bringing parties together to accelerate action against climate change. Committed to joining forces with people and companies to inspire climate action and collective change, we reached out to a cohort of design-led professionals to find out how they are designing for the future.

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Our Key Takeaways...

1. Designers find it challenging to be sustainably minded with their clients

2. Clients will often prioritise luxury over sustainability

3. There is a view that sustainable products are more expensive than those designers would otherwise specify

Our View

At MorenoMasey we have created a responsibility for ourselves to be more conscious in our practice, creating spaces that are beautiful for their sustainability not just their aesthetic. We are embracing the idea that we shouldn't separate good design and sustainability, after all, some of the fundamentals of sustainability are just about good design.

The demands of the bespoke residential architecture have traditionally been at odds with sustainability. The idea of either sustainable or beautiful is simply no longer a tenable approach. We have two questions to answer. Firstly, how do we make the things we accept now as luxurious more sustainable, what we call sustainability by stealth - through better details and better materials. But more importantly, we must move the design conversation away from the sustainable "hairy house" aesthetic towards a new sense of value, where things are beautiful because they are sustainable. It is only this seismic shift that will create real change through client demand in the luxury housing market.

What if sustainability became the default not the optional extra?

We believe that there is a need to reframe what luxury really means by talking about how something can be luxurious because it is sustainable and allow for this view to be built into the conversation with the client from the very beginning. We advocate that intelligent design can be a powerful force in the challenges we face to minimise the impact of our buildings on the environment and collaborate with teams at all stages of the design process to push the idea that beauty and sustainability are both entirely compatible with bespoke residential projects and should be an essential part of our most beautiful homes.

If you would like to discuss collaborating with us please contact Rodrigo Moreno Masey at / 020 3142 6554. We'd love to hear your views.